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A Three Dimensional Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of the Equine Body and Hoof


Schedule is as follows:

Day 1


Morning lectures

 Monique Craig – Understanding the 3D bone-referenced trim approach and hoof asymmetry.

Tami Elkayam – The foundation of motion in the horse: understanding motion through evolution and identifying dysfunction in motion.

John Craig –   What is Metron-IQ software — and how and why to use it.


Afternoon Application

Monique Craig – Demonstration of the 3D bone-referenced trim. Hands on practice for students to palpate the hoof and use an interactive 3D model as an aid to assess the hoof in 3 dimensions.

Tami Elkayam – The foundation of equine assessment: how to look at the horse in 3 dimensions.

John Craig – The importance of accurate documentation, how to take correct images and use Metron-IQ to create comprehensive reports.


Day 2

Morning lectures

Monique Craig – Understanding capsular deformity and distortion of the hoof.

Tami Elkayam – Understanding fascial remodeling and how to reprogram the neuro feedback to encourage fascial remodeling.

John Craig – Some physics ‘basics’ of the 3D world and motion.


Afternoon Application

Monique Craig – Trimming clinic – How much to trim – where and why?

Tami Elkayam – Basic first aid body work to help restore the planes of motion.



*If you are a professional that requires or would like to collect accreditation for attending the seminar please let us know what registration.


Price of registration per participant – $499


Participants will receive 10% of all products and tools at the clinic.


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