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Health. Comfort. Performance.


EponaShoe Horseshoes

The Future of Polyurethane Horse Shoes 

EponaShoe is the premier composite horseshoe for the health and longevity of your horse. Our horseshoes are designed to benefit any horse by using high tech polyurethane materials to create a horseshoe which can flex with the hoof. It has a built-in softer pad on the sole side to offer healthful natural support while avoiding any pressure points on the frog or sole.

Designed to be the Healthiest Alternative for the Horse’s Foot.

The flexible design allows the whole hoof to flex, and is therefore one step closer to barefoot than rigid horseshoes. Eponashoe horseshoes can be nailed on, glued on, or cast-on, giving the farrier options to choose from.

Uncompromised Versatility –When it Matters the Most

EponaShoe horseshoes are used in all situations, from therapeutic cases to performance horses (USA Olympic team).

(Photo: Steffen Peters rides Ravel, just prior their appearance in the Beijing Olympics)

Farrier and Trimmer Dealership Program

EponaMind is now offering a Dealership Program to Trimmers and Farriers.

Be a part of a team making horse health, comfort, and performance a way of life.

“I love your product and recommend it highly to all of my horse colleagues. I consider it the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’ve ever done for the health and well-being of my horse. I will never put another pair of iron shoes on him again.”

–Pam Cox, Owner, CA.

“My horse and I finished the 100-mile Tevis in 2007 in 19 hours in EponaShoes. Previously we had lots of foot problems (low heels, sore feet) on any rough surface. We have been in EponaShoes for almost a year. His feet look terrific and the heels are no longer low, and we are very happy being on EponaShoes.”

Patty Hawes, Owner and Endurance Rider, CA.

“I am very enthused at my horse’s ability to move more naturally and freely. He is also healing from the check ligament injury that occurred last year. Thank you for a wonderful product!” 

–Linda Walden, Owner, CA.

“Our 23 year old Quarter Horse was “EponaShoe-d”. The result – a serious lameness has been completely cured. Now he’s a healthy & happy horse back “running the trails” …thanks EponaShoe!!”

–Jessy & Ken Richards, Owners, CA.

“I have had great results using the EponaShoe. I have put them on all kinds of horses: Arabian champions, competing reigning horses, dressage horses, and others. It’s a great shoe for ‘therapeutic cases’ but it’s also a good shoe to keep sound horses sound.” 

–Brian Giangrande, Farrier, Nipomo, CA.


We’re here to help! Check out our full You Tube How-To Series on the EponaShoe. For additional help or questions, feel free to contact us any time. 

The Epona Difference – Six Reasons Why EponaShoe is Superior

#1 The Frog is Supported

Traditional horseshoes lift the frog off the ground unnaturally. This prevents the normal action of the frog. Often the frog eventually descends to find the ground, causing internal structures to descend with it – the result: flat feet, remodeling of the pedal bone, and a deteriorated digital cushion. As with a barefoot horse, the EponaShoe horseshoe lets the frog contact and bear some weight.

#2 Shock Absorbs Better Than Metal

Try hitting a metal horseshoe with a hammer, then try hitting an EponaShoe horseshoe with a hammer. Feel the difference? The EponaShoe horseshoe acts as a shock absorber for your horse. This is important for horses on hard ground, rocks, or endurance or street use. We believe it will extend the riding career of your horse.

#3 Allows the Hoof to Flex

Unlike metal horseshoes, which restrict and impede the hoof from flexing, the EponaShoe horseshoe allows the whole hoof to flex, much like a barefoot horse. Research shows that this aids in pumping blood and yields a healthier foot.

#4 The Bevel at the Toe Can Be Adjusted

EponaShoe horseshoe gives the farrier full freedom to bevel the toe area as needed. If the farrier doesn’t get it right, your horse will wear the bevel at the toe as needed. With a metal horseshoe, if the shoe is not set right, your horse has to endure six weeks of discomfort until the farrier comes back to try again.

#5 Nail Damage Can Be Reduced or Avoided

The EponaShoe horseshoe was designed so that it can be glued on the horse’s foot as an alternative to nailing! Of course, it can be nailed like a conventional horseshoe, but if you’d like to avoid the nail damage to the hoof wall, you can choose the glue option. Often, we glue plus set 2 or 4 nails – half the nail damage, and never lose a shoe!

#6 Lightweight

Much lighter than metal shoes, the EponaShoe horseshoe is a good compromise between the natural barefoot horse and what we want to do with our horses. It’s lightweight means that your horse moves with more natural biomechanics.

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