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To Wedge or Not to Wedge EponaMind Seminar

To Wedge or Not to Wedge EponaMind Seminar

Sat June 24, 2023 — Sun, June 25, 2023. These are the lectures from the EponaMind event of June 2023. Those of you who could not travel to attend can instead view these lectures. Visit the Lecture Series >>

Learning The Bone Referenced Trim

By Jonathan Samuelsson My name is Jonathan Samuelsson. I grew up in Sweden and now live in Roy, WA, where I have been a Hoof care provider since 2019. I started as a barefoot trimmer but soon realized that more protection for the hoof is needed in some cases....

Using EponaShoes to Achieve Heel-First Landings

Written By Casey Sexton of North Georgia Hoof Care What are “heel-first landings,” and why are they important? Heel-first landings refer to how hooves hit the ground in locomotion. Hooves can also land flat and toe-first. Within these parameters, we can also assess if...

EponaShoes Horseshoes with Carbide Tips for Winter

Here in New England, the winters can be unpredictable. Many horses that have been comfortable most of the year, struggle in the winter. If there isn’t sufficient snow cover, sections of water become frozen in the mud, which can be sharper and harder than rocks....