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Metron Software Products

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Horse Hoof Measurement Products

Metron Hoof

Metron-Hoof is an image-based system using photographs and radiographs to keep track of the horse’s hoof.  (It is a subset of the full veterinary product, Metron-DVM.)

Additional Product Details

The following 3 images show most of the measurements that are part of our standard protocol.  Users can also measure anything they are interested in within the images using our “Free Mark Up” tool-set.  Also, all measurements made of a collection of hooves can be exported to a spreadsheet for users that are doing research projects.

Lateral Photo Measurements Horseshoe and Equine Vet Software



Hoof Image - Solar Photo Measurement


DP Photo Measurements - Horseshoe and Equine Vet Software



  • Windows 10 or 11
  • The screen size (in pixels) must be at least 1600 x 900.  Recommend 1920 x 1080.
  • If you plan to add the Intellect Module, you’ll need 16 GB of RAM memory.

Product Description

Metron-Hoof is an image-based system using photographs and radiographs to keep track of the horse’s hoof.  (It is a subset of the full veterinary product, Metron-DVM.)

Selected Features

  • Touch screen ready (if your PC or tablet has touch screen ability)
  • Store images by Owner, Animal, and Date
  • World class image-processing technology
  • Supports the optional EponaCam system
  • Image calibration and measure tools
  • Automatic Calibration for Radiographs (with “auto-scaler” or “metron block”)
  • Hoof Analysis: Guided Mark-Up and Metron Parameters
  • Supports the optional Intellect Module for Photo mark-up
  • Generate multi-page reports, output as PDF files
  • Before/After Morphs (video clips showing the hoof changing)
  • Approximate 3-D Bones from lateral radiograph
  • Voice-annotation of images
  • Upload images and reports to for sharing
  • Integrated ‘Upload Image and Comments’ to your FaceBook account!

Strongly Recommended Options (not included in Metron-Hoof):

  • Two Metron Blocks
  • EponaCam Cradle and App
  • Intellect Module for Metron-Hoof
EponaCam - Horse Hoof Measurement Product
EponaCam Horse Hoof Measurement Product Icon

Horse Hoof Measurement Products


EponaCam is an App along with a hardware cradle that converts any smart phone into a ‘Hoof Camera’.

Additional Product Details

EponaCam works with the Metron Block to ensure that a perfect image of the horse hoof, suitable for later analysis, is captured.  The App (available for both Android and iPhone) sends images by Wi-Fi directly to Metron software which runs on a nearby PC or tablet. EponaCam is ‘ease of use’ – the image uploads to the Metron software where it is automatically recognized, calibrated, and measured.

Whether you are an owner, farrier, or veterinarian, it can be important to keep track of the horse’s hoof.  When the horse is sound and happy, document the hoof to serve as a baseline for the future. When there is a problem, measure it and plan its resolution using data. EponaCam enables the pursuit of evidence-based soundness, and will help the care-giver team do the best job for the horse. The Metron-EponaCam system makes it easy to gain this advantage for your horse.

The geometry of the EponaCam cradle, with its 45-degree mirror, ensures that the image is taken perfectly when the hoof is positioned on the Metron Block. The image is sent by Wi-Fi to Metron running on your PC. Metron uses powerful neural networks, trained using Deep Learning techniques, to automatically label the image (as left, right, lateral, or frontal) and then automatically locates the scaling system of the Metron Block to allow accurate analysis. It then automatically measures the hoof and presents measurements.

EponaCam is US patent pending.

Ready to get started? View our equine products page.

You can dip your toe in gently, or dive in for the whole EponaCam experience!  There are four levels of use of EponaCam:

Level 1) You could purchase only the EponaCam cradle ($199) and use the simple camera App on your phone and your own blocks to stand the hoof on (just be sure your blocks are about 2 1/4″ to 2 1/2″ tall).

Level 2) But if you want your images to be ready for the future, you’d want to: Buy the EponaCam cradle ($199) and buy two Metron-Blocks ($398) so both feet can be placed on blocks, and so your images capture the calibration markers on our blocks.  With this set up, you are able to begin building your database of hoof images, and someday in the future you can go to level 3 or 4…

Level 3) Things get interesting if you get our Metron-Hoof version 8 software ($1000), or update your older software to version 8 ($499).  In that case, you’d want to get the EponaCam cradle and two blocks, and also purchase the App ($29) from your App store (Apple or Android). The App will Wi-Fi your images directly to your copy of Metron-Hoof, and Metron-Hoof can be used to measure and annotate the images, create reports for your clients, and many other things.
Depending on where you will be using EponaCam, you also may want to get our Mini-Router ($85) so your Wifi network can travel with you, and your EponaCam will always connect to your PC.

Level 4) The ultimate: if your PC is powerful enough to run the “Intellect Module” then you will have the whole enchilada.  This brings the AI engine and allows Metron to automatically calibrate and measure your hoof photos. For this, your PC needs 16 Gigabytes of RAM memory. If you don’t have 16GB of memory, then don’t even bother installing the Intellect Module portion of Metron.

If you want it all, then we suggest you purchase our Metron-Hoof Bundle ($1700) which will include a hardware carrying case and a couple other items.

EponaCam is also available with the veterinary version of our software (Metron-DVM) sold by our dealer network.

To make a purchase, view our products page.

MetronBlock Metron Block - Radiographs and photographs horse hoof
Metron Block Icon

Hoof Measurement Products

Metron Block

The Metron Block is used for radiographs and photographs of the equine hoof.  US Patent Pending in 2021!

Additional Product Details

If you are concerned about having the most accurate measurements in Metron, you should be using the block.  If you use the Intellect Module for Metron, you must use the block.

Please see this page if you would like to learn more about Metron Block.

Additional Products

MetronDVM - Veterinary Imaging Software
MetronDVM Imaging Software Icon

Veterinary Imaging Software


Metron-DVM is veterinary imaging software which forms the heart of many leading DR (Digital Radiography) and CR (Computed Radiography) imaging systems in use today. 

Additional Product Details

With over 3000 installed systems worldwide, it is a leader in the veterinary imaging space.

Whereas most DR software provides no help to their users in the all-important area of calibration and measurement, Metron (which means “to measure” in Greek) prides itself on being the leader in measurement in images.  This, and other Metron features,  fully leverages your investment in a DR system.

With the optional Intellect Module, Metron-DVM is the only veterinary imaging product which uses the power of neural networks trained with veterinary deep learning techniques.

In the USA our distributor for DR systems based on Metron-DVM is Vetel Diagnostics.    Please visit

Outside of the USA please contact us and we will direct you to our distributors in your region.

MetronMind is a veterinary software product used with any digital radiography system
MetronMind is a veterinary software for digital radiography system

Veterinary Imaging Software


Metron-IQ is a veterinary imaging software that can be used with any Digital Radiography system to automatically measure images, circle anomalies, and create client-ready multi-page PDF reports.

Additional Product Details

For a full description of Metron-IQ, please visit our other web-site:

Don’t forget to check out our Metron YouTube playlist to learn more about these products.

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MetronMind EponaCam Horse Hoof Measurement Product