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EponaShoe Difference

EponaShoe Difference

Six Ways EponaShoe Is Better For Your Horse

EponaShoe is for dressage, trail, endurance, pleasure, eventing, “street uses”, and more…

#1 The Frog is Supported
Traditional shoes lift the frog off the ground unnaturally. This prevents the normal action of the frog. Often the frog eventually descends to find the ground, causing internal structures to descend with it – the result: flat feet, remodeling of the pedal bone, and a deteriorated digital cushion. As with a barefoot horse, the EponaShoe lets the frog contact and bear some weight.

#2 Shock Absorbs better than Metal
Try hitting a metal shoe with a hammer, then try hitting an EponaShoe with a hammer. Feel the difference? The EponaShoe acts as a shock absorber for your horse. This is important for horses on hard ground, rocks, or endurance or street use. We believe it will extend the riding career of your horse.

#3 Allows the Hoof to Flex

Unlike metal shoes, which restrict and impede the hoof from flexing, the EponaShoe allows the whole hoof to flex, much like a barefoot horse. Research shows that this aids in pumping blood and yields a healthier foot.

#4 The Bevel at the Toe can be Adjusted
EponaShoe gives the farrier full freedom to bevel the toe area as needed. If the farrier doesn’t get it right, your horse will wear the bevel at the toe as needed. With a metal shoe, if the shoe is not set right, your horse has to endure 6 weeks of discomfort until the farrier comes back to try again.

#5 Nail Damage can be Reduced or Avoided
The EponaShoe was designed so that it can be glued on the horse’s foot as an alternative to nailing! Of course, it can be nailed like a conventional shoe, but if you’d like to avoid the nail damage to the hoof wall, you can choose the glue option. Often, we glue plus set 2 or 4 nails – half the nail damage, and never lose a shoe!

#6 Lightweight
Much lighter than metal shoes, the EponaShoe is a good compromise between the natural barefoot horse and what we want to do with our horses. It’s lightweight means that your horse moves with more natural biomechanics.