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Laminitic Episode Case Study – Kharifa – Epona Trim – EponaShoe System

Case studies – kharifa


About the Case

Kharifa is a 23 year-old arabian mare who had a laminitic episode in early September, 2009. She came to us in late September, 2009.  Here you can see rotation of the P3. The sole depth doubled from the end of September to the beginning of January.  The palmar angle (on the left foot) was reduced from 13.6 degrees to 4.2 degrees.

After five months of treatment with the EponaShoe System, Kharifa was ready to be ridden again. Now after a year the hold hoof has grown out and she looks and feels great.

Kharifa is now back in work with her owner. We were able to make her comfortable and help her heal without the use of tenotomy or wall resection. 




Before and After Images





Kharifa’s story was featured in the Arabian Horse World Magazine (March 2010 issue) in an article called “Stud Farm Diaries: A Founder Episode – For Want of a Shoe”.