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Metron Introduction

Metron Software Products

Metron, which means ‘to measure’ in Greek, is the name of our software product. Metron is available in a few different variants.

Firstly, there is Metron-DVM which is intended for veterinarians. Metron-DVM is generally found as part of a DR (Digital Radiography) System. We have distributors and dealers around the world who sell DR systems built on Metron software.

Another variant is MetronMind which is a version of Metron than can be added to any existing DR system, whether or not that DR system is based on Metron. Typically, MetronMind is added to our competitors DR systems in order to add our Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence features to the overall system.

Finally, Metron-Hoof is the version of Metron that is intended for farriers or owners or trainers. It is focused squarely on the hoof (whereas the veterinary versions of Metron also support features for cats, dogs, and dental images).

Because a strength of Metron is to measure things in images, we provide some hardware items to assist in taking great images and calibrating them. For example, the EponaCam can be used with any version of Metron in order to facilitate taking perfect photos of the hoof, and the Metron Block is instrumental to making sure images (both radiographs and photographs) are perfectly calibrated.