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Metron-DVM Veterinary Imaging Software


Metron-DVM is veterinary imaging software which forms the heart of many leading DR (Digital Radiography) and CR (Computed Radiography) imaging systems in use today.  With over 3000 installed systems worldwide, it is a leader in the veterinary imaging space.

Whereas most DR software provides no help to their users in the all-important area of calibration and measurement, Metron (which means “to measure” in Greek) prides itself on being the leader in measurement in images. This, and other Metron features,  fully leverages your investment in a DR system.

With the optional Intellect Module, Metron-DVM is the only veterinary imaging product which uses the power of neural networks trained with veterinary deep learning techniques.

In the USA our distributor for DR systems based on Metron-DVM is Vetel Diagnostics. Please visit

Outside of the USA, please contact us and we will direct you to our distributors in your region.