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My Journey with EponaShoe Horseshoes by Nina Bomar

Written By Nina Bomar I learned about the EponaShoe while walking around the AERC convention, which was held in Texas several years ago. I was intrigued with their product, but more importantly, I wanted to learn about the founder of the company named Monique. The guy...

Can I Keep My Horse Barefoot?

by Monique Craig The Epona Institute It is not news that some horses were and still are left barefoot and even ridden barefoot at some point in their lives. For instance, when I grew up in Switzerland, we used to remove horseshoes on some horses to give their hooves a...

AAEP in Nashville December 2021

Sun Dec 5, 2021 — Tue, Dec 7, 2021 More Information about the conference Our Dr. John Craig will be in the Vetel Diagnostics booth at AAEP in Nashville!   He will be talking about and demoing the new Metron-IQ product!